Trump came to power, the first lady who will match jewelry in history…

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Today, the US presidential election finally came to an end. Trump Trump successfully entered the White House and became the 58th President of the United States.

After more than a year of tearing wars, all kinds of black materials continue, especially the recent nude photos of Trump’s wife Melaniya, who was in the hot network, gave the melons a lot of talk after dinner.

Melanie Trump was born in Slovenia in 1970. He is 46 years old and is Trump’s third wife. He is 24 years younger than him. Father is a car dealer and mother is a fashion designer. He studied design and architecture at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Once a famous model. She started her supermodel journey at the age of 16 and worked in fashion capitals such as Milan and Paris, and learned English, German, French and Italian. In addition, she speaks Slovenian and Serbian-Croatian, which is versatile.

The newly-launched first lady of the United States may be the first lady in the history of the United States who knows how to wear wholesale Juste un Clou bracelet. In the jewelry wear, minutes and seconds off the gas field full of Hilary students. Melaniya’s high-end dress tastes from her mother’s fashion designer genes.

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Van cleef & arpels Vintage Alhambra Pendant Yellow Gold,buy in

She married a Trump in 2005 and became a jewelry designer. In 2010, she also founded her own jewelry brand van cleef necklace knockoff.

“There is enough jewelry to wear!” Melaniya knows this. Knowing how to do subtraction is the highest level of jewellery and clothing. Melaniya must be the first lady to wear jewelry. Every piece of jewelry I wear is just right.

The highest rate of appearance is the diamond ring that Trump proposed to Melaniya, and Melaniya even took the diamond ring with her swimming. This oversized pillow-shaped diamond ring weighs 15 carats and is worth a million dollars. Melaniya is worn many times on various occasions.

The replica cartire love bracelet 18k pink gold is worn on one hand, delicate and not cumbersome.

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Black One Piece dress, watch diamond bracelet, multi-piece stack on the left hand wrist, showing a deep match.

Melaniya not only wears jewelry, but also designs jewelry. After marrying Trump in 2005, Melaniya switched to a jewelry designer, and it is indeed very professional to see this hand-painted foundation.

In 2010, Melaniya founded her own jewelry replica van cleef & arpels jewelry

However, although Trump has always performed a high profile, Melaniya rarely participated in politics. However, Melaniya’s luxury life is also highly criticized. When she unveiled in public, she always wears the latest products from world-famous designers, and her private Twitter account is always showing her expensive fashion tastes and taking a private jet to a luxury vacation around the world. A luxurious jewelry box is an example.