The poem of Van Cleef & Arpels jewellery

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Behind the cluster of flowers, Cupid is looking around quietly.

Raise your forefinger to your lips : Hush…

Who would the hidden Cupid care for?

When the Cupid’s arrow with the red tourmaline,

Will be send out? / (Will land out a critical strike?)


Secret des moureux Brooch

Heart-shaped red tourmaline, pear-shaped orange pink sapphire

Pear-shaped purple sapphire, color sapphire, diamond

Holy vca alhambra bracelet

The naughty goddess of love is elusive,

Mystic love is full of myth,

Magical nature is full of mysteries.


This summer,replica Van Cleef & Arpels earring wholesale launched the new Le Secret fine jewelry collection.

faux van cleef & arpels clover jewelry,buy in

faux van cleef & arpels clover jewelry,buy in

Ruminate the cherished and loved theme, Secret, with exquisite craftsmanship.

An exploration that is both familiar and creative was started.

Nature, love and luck play out wonderful enigma ingenuity.

Can you understand the true meaning within?

Romantic flower language

Marguerite d’amour Brooch

Orange and pink spinels, diamonds

Flower language, always hiding the hope of love,

Fiber fingers touch it gently, muttering:

“He loves me…he doesn’t love me…”

Once you have thought, what we expect is not just the beginning of love.

The affection in love is what we pursuit.

Admiring this daisy,

Make me wanna present replica van cleef & arpels clover earrings to my girl

Are these romantic words behind those golden petals?

Cachette des coccinelles Brooch

Pillow-type cut emerald, black and red spinel, diamonds

The lush foliage rejuvenate the atmosphere of summer.

The charming nature are so rich, yet mysterious.

When the leaflets in front of the eyes are gently brushed by the gentle breeze,

Will the opening be an unexpected surprise?

The natural naughty, can you guess that?

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van cleef perlee bracelets replica,buy in

Poetic fairy tale


Métamorphose du cygne Brooch

Blue and lilac sapphire, manganite, black spinel, diamonds

Formed delicated fake van cleef & arpels sweet alhambra earrings pink gold

Have you ever heard the fairy tale that true love breaking the spell ?

Under the sun, the white swan floats gracefully, beautiful and mysterious.

Day and night alternately, the moonlight sprinkles a radiant glow,

The graceful girl appeared at the lakeside and plucked her skirt.

Beautiful Swan was gone, leaving a night of myth:

Where did the swan go? Did the curse be lifted?


One, two, three, these puzzles appear in front of you.

Are you the one who knows the answers?

All mysteries have surprise answers.

Stay tuned for the time of discovery, and sigh about the profound meaning of the secret world.