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Take off the red carpet to wear sportswear accessories to wear accessories Sun Yang Fu field does not lose the star field

Yesterday, 2016 sports man award ceremony held in Beijing, “Water Cube”, a public sports people have to take off their sportswear, put on fine jewelrywholesale Juste un Clou bracelet cheap to watch on the red carpet, color values and gas fields are not lost star. Sun Yang wearing a piece of the value of hundreds […]

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How to choose the annual jewelry? Dress collar the final say!

For the upcoming annual meeting, whether you headache how to mix it? In fact, according to the dress collar different clever take the replica Van Cleef & Arpels clover necklace, often can bring the effect of harmony and fashion, the editor for you to sum up a variety of collocation type, and recommend to you […]

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Gift Season EliteSigner Star Set Meeting Dream Christmas

Remember last year, independent jewelry designer platform – Elitesigner Department set for your selection of Christmas gift it? The designers of the Star’s collection of different colors of jewelry for BeGifted Lovers selection, affixed to the color label Cheap Cartier Jewelry should be the Christmas scene, and Christmas tree piles of gifts echoes, put together […]

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Ni Ni Zhao Liying skin white actress winter favorite diamond jewelry

Entertainment stars seem to have both diamonds and pearls replica van cleef & arpels jewelry particularly favored by the two materials, such as Ni Ni Pei wearing a key necklace, wearing pink diamond ring Zhao Li, Tong Liya wearing a rose gold diamond ring, etc., and like He Jie, Qin Lan, etc. People are alone […]

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Escape from the cold to put off-season travel list on the agenda

Cold weather can not stand? Seeing the long winter to start replica van cleef & arpels jewelry so hard every day? In fact, this is not the case, come take a look at this anti-season travel list it, which may help you destination. If you are traveling, it is the best season in Madagascar. Where […]

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Chen Weiting Xu Wei Zhou big boys favorite star brooch and ring necklace

Compared to actress preference gorgeous replica van cleef & arpels jewelry jewelry, the actor in the choice of jewelry accessories, more inclined to have the characteristics of eye-catching models of jewelry, such as the big brother Chen Weiting in the tour to wear the stars brooch, Xu Wei Zhou wearing ring ring necklace at the […]

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“TASAKI x Jiang Yanyan Pearl Image Tour” exhibition grand opening

November 18, 2016 (Friday), the international senior jewelry brand TASAKI in Shanghai Hong Kong Plaza, South Block, 1st Floor atrium, opened the “TASAKI x Jiang Yan Yan image of the Pearl Tour” exhibition curtain. Artistic Goddess Jiang Yiyan visited TASAKI’s pearl farm in Nagasaki Ninety-nine Island National Park as a photographer, recording her time and […]

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Wave flowers turn round by Tang Yan Liu poetry favorite these modeling jewelry

In the jewelry to wear, with others and hit big, it is better to select some Cheap Cartier Jewelry special style, the star in this respect is very right to speak. Such as Liu Shi wearing waves earrings, Tang Yan wearing a flower necklace, Liu Yifei wearing a round shape through the earrings, wearing a […]

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Selecting high quality jewelry

Fallon’s price is not low, the average price is two or Cheap Cartier Jewelry three hundred dollars from top to bottom, the introduction of the style has both silver and gold color, tie with white and black two color. This brand is created by young designer Dana Lorenz in 2008, graduated from the Art Institute […]

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Beyond the meaning of decorative smart woman so look at jewelry-3

YOKA: In the choice of jewelry and with what you have suggestions? Julia: the first jewelry is a very important accessories, you can because of the occasion wholesale Juste un Clou bracelet cheap, mood, clothing and choose a different jewelry; the second with the jewelry I do not recommend that a jewelry with all the […]

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