No luxury jewelry, would you marry me?

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Recently, a popular TV series called “Naked Marriage” arouses heated discussion. “Naked Marriage” simply refers to two couples getting married without much material foundation, such as cars, houses, luxury jewelry and so on.

“Baby, I love you so much. You are my only one and the last one. My soul mate, I will always be good to you. However, I have no enough money to afford luxury jewelry, or just replica van cleef & arpels long necklace, would you still marry me? Confronting such a boyfriend kneeling down, proposing, girls, would you accept?

Girls, don’t be too moved to lose sensibility, hasting to say yes before you regret. There is no denying the fact that real true can conquer all, let alone lack of material bases. Nevertheless, true love is hard to find and even more hard to confirm, especially in such a money-dominated society.

We are not princess who live in the fairy tale, in the contrary, we are struggling in the real, tough and competitive society. Without much worry about meals which are the basic living standard; without much annoyance about houses which will give powerful sense of security; without much concern about Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry replica which add symbolic and meaningful color to life, thus, a relatively firm material foundation can greatly strengthen and deepen couples’ relationship. Undoubtedly, love and marriage cannot be measured only by money. Material bases are just one of the major factors that we should consider. Affection, appropriateness and personality are also play a significant role seek our soul mates sensibly.

Love is but a dream. We can’t be always indulged in romantic paradise without taking cruel reality into consideration. If not, when reality kicks in, your relationship will be caught off guard and is vulnerable to breakdown.