Bvlgari Jewelry Introduction

Bvlgari is bold and unique, noble classical. The balance also blends classical and modern features, breaking through the strict rules of the traditional academic design. It is inspired by the elegance of the Greek, Renaissance in Italy, and metallurgical techniques in the 19th century to create a unique Bvlgari style.

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In 1999, B.zero1 became the first ring that Bvlgari launched in 1999. This ring builds the road to the new millennium.

The Divas’ Dream series is a classic of Bulgari. Its iconic fan shape is very recognizable. The fan-shaped classics of the Divas’ Dream jewellery classics from Roman estimation perfectly illustrate the well-known arc patterns and decorative styles built in the Baths of Carrara in 216 AD, symbolizing the exquisite Romanesque style.