Actually burst table of Wang Ou is a “heart machine girl”?

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Recently, Wang Ou because of suspected interference in Yang Mi, Liu Kaiwei marriage and repeatedly Cheap Cartier Jewelry boarded the heat search list, although the parties have come out to clarify but still can not stop gossip. However, there are “witty” of the users said: and Hu Ge, Wang Kai, Jin Dong cooperation may not see Liu Kaiwei … … In fact, Wang Ou has been recognized acting all the way, whether it is “Langya list” or ” Are acting like what. Acting burst table, she is also wonderful outside the play, especially in the accessories with a great effort Oh!

Female stars seem to have a pair of earrings “obsession”, compared to necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings are indeed more eye-catching Variety interesting, Wang Ou the same earrings put it down. Compared to exquisite small earrings, some highlight the personality of the exaggerated geometric earrings Replica Hermes H Jewelry can move her. Such as the more classical taste of the earrings, above the exquisite diamond inlay, as well as the design of flowers, very feminine.

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Hot sale Cheap Cartier Jewelry, replica van cleef arpels two butterfly rings and Replica Hermes H Jewelry on sale

More prominent temperament as well as this pearl earrings, Wang Ou choose shoulder-length style of the chain, but also cleverly wore only one, and oblique shoulder dress is commensurate. Such a long chain pearl style relatively simple pearl earrings and more modern sense. Wang Ou also deduced a more tough ear bone clip, then with a particularly feminine lace shoulder set, full of personality. This ear clip from Forevermark, look at the above is actually a petal shape, or very intellectual.

Forevermark style is more partial feminine, the brand belongs to the historic De Beers, is a specialized to create diamond jewelry brand, whether it is earrings, necklaces, bracelets … … brand is the flagship diamond design. Wang Ou also deduced a rich classical style diamond earrings, irregular geometric figure is full of Byzantine style, but with diamonds instead of precious stones inlay, even more classic.

In addition to full of feminine style, Wang Ou also like to have a sense of neutral lines earrings, such as this asymmetric fake Amulette de Cartier necklace hoop earrings. Hoop earrings is the earrings of the classic, most people will choose a simple circle, but Wang Gou happens to be able to find some of the above, there are unique decorative style.

Hollow paragraph, the geometry of the style and Wang Ou’s temperament can coincide, full of architectural sense of design with charming wavy hair, people very conquest.

This triangle earrings, although not from the Yvmin purpose design, but Wang Ou Yvmin eyes are also very heart of water, in the red carpet, the choice of a Yvmin special purpose semi-open collar collocation strapless dress. Asymmetric marble round cake design impressive, this necklace price of 2160 yuan, the red carpet for the actress style is fairly fresh, but with the daily price is still expensive.

May be a lot of people for Yvmin Youmu this brand is not familiar with, no wonder, people have always been a creation time is not long designer brand, fashion designer and designer Li Xiaoyu in 2012 co-founded. Although the creation of a very short but captured the star can be a lot … … For example replica amulette de cartier bracelet fake wholesale, the power of publicity in the “translation officer” to wear this and the bracelet chain gave a lot of people left a deep impression, this is a pair of large The power of power is chosen for a single wear method.