A Tragedy of the Time

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Tess of the d’Urbervilles, one of Thomas Hardy’s most successful masterpieces, is a tragic story which published in 1891.

An innocent , poor and young village girl, she like jewelry, but she didn’t have the ability to buy the replica van cleef arpels two butterfly rings, Tess, was seduced by a so-called gentleman, Alec.Unfortunately, her baby died young. Forced by gossips and condemnation, she fled away to a remote village , expecting a peaceful life.

Nevertheless, she met Angel Clare and fell in love with him. On their wedding ceremony, wearing replica Bvlgari B Zero-1 necklace, Angel confessed the crime he committed to a woman long time ago and asked for Tess’s forgiveness. In return and as being loyal, Tess sincerely confessed her shameful past to Angel in hope of being forgiven , too.

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New cheap Bvlgari B Zero-1 earrings and wholesale Juste un Clou bracelet cheap

Conversely, Angel flied into a great rage and broke up with her immediately, which made Tess completely break down. In great grieve and anger, she stabbed Alec, who ruined her life. Tragically, Tess was arrested and burned alive.

The fate of Tess was doomed in that time with strict conventions and moral standards. Tess’ struggle for love and freedom were in vain in face of tough social morals and standards.

From ancient times, no matter where, east or west, there is a sever convention of women ‘s fidelity towards love and marriage. If women are just like shining diamonds,  what common customs define as disloyal would be irremovable stains or cracks in the diamonds replica Amulette de Cartier bracelet, which make them valueless and even being condemned and unaccepted by others.

The feudal ethical code in Tess’s time was just like the Three Cardinal Guides and the Five Constant Virtues in ancient China, which deprived of numerous innocent women’s happiness and became a heavy burden upon vulnerable women .

Nowadays, women’s social status have been greatly improved on account of the development of the society and the feminist movements.Women can pursue their love and happiness freely.

Let those poor miserable women like cheap Hermes leather bracelet Tess be parts of history for good. Women in the modern society should be brave and powerful enough to seize their happiness and control their own life.