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Psychic jewelry CEO Shen Dongjun together Yang Shuo won cross-border dazzling award

Recently, in the “Bazaar Men” and organized by the psychic jewelry 2016 “commercial power of the Star” Personality Fengyun Festival Cheap Cartier Jewelry , the psychic jewelry chairman and CEO, chairman of Diamond Cinematography Shen Dongjun together popular actor Yang Shuo, won the Bazaar Men’s annual cross-border dazzling award, attracted audience attention. As the first […]

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Fan Bingbing smug sexy

In the Golden Horse Fan Bingbing frustrated replica cartier jewelry, but in the high-level jewelry show shine, she was wearing a smoking device with two sapphires and emerald jewelry, full of charm, in addition to just get the best supporting actress Qin Hailu also wear exquisite butterflies The rings are elegant and charming. In addition […]

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Zhang days love from the attacking soft actress who put it down the chain of fine earrings

The characteristics of thin chain earrings is light enough to wear them without any pressure and weight feeling, and very fashionable eye-dotting, especially a single ear to wear more flavor. Your total attack adults Zhang days love love the chain of fine replica van cleef & arpels jewelry earrings, full of charming soft, in addition […]

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The taste of early snow is to wear these “silver jewelry” to illuminate the world

It was calculated that, from last year to this year, waiting for the 380 days looking forward to early snow, a night scrubbing the capital haze, although the temperature instantly plummeted, but also makes the heart warmth, can not help but be cheap van cleef & arpels jewelry attracted by the beautiful snow. Since the […]

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Chen Weiting Xu Wei Zhou big boys favorite star brooch and ring necklace

Compared to actress preference gorgeous replica van cleef & arpels jewelry jewelry, the actor in the choice of jewelry accessories, more inclined to have the characteristics of eye-catching models of jewelry, such as the big brother Chen Weiting in the tour to wear the stars brooch, Xu Wei Zhou wearing ring ring necklace at the […]

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“TASAKI x Jiang Yanyan Pearl Image Tour” exhibition grand opening

November 18, 2016 (Friday), the international senior jewelry brand TASAKI in Shanghai Hong Kong Plaza, South Block, 1st Floor atrium, opened the “TASAKI x Jiang Yan Yan image of the Pearl Tour” exhibition curtain. Artistic Goddess Jiang Yiyan visited TASAKI’s pearl farm in Nagasaki Ninety-nine Island National Park as a photographer, recording her time and […]

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Pregnant mother AB Yan Su Yan in addition to beauty and focus?

Recently, at home and child care Angelababy heart finally unable to bear the “addiction girl” heart Cheap Cartier Jewelry , in the micro-Bo released a self-photo! In the photo, she only exposed half a face, pure makeup appearance color value is still online. As the proper explosion of the Queen, baby each dress will lead […]

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Wave flowers turn round by Tang Yan Liu poetry favorite these modeling jewelry

In the jewelry to wear, with others and hit big, it is better to select some Cheap Cartier Jewelry special style, the star in this respect is very right to speak. Such as Liu Shi wearing waves earrings, Tang Yan wearing a flower necklace, Liu Yifei wearing a round shape through the earrings, wearing a […]

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