Van Cleefs & Arpels Clover Alhambra’s design origins

VCA’s four-leaf clover cottage multi-entry hair, why always mean so bad? Obviously it is a very simple shape. Just happened to meet again today, to talk about why the classic four-leaf clover grass, why the cottage is always almost meaning.

Best replica Van Cleef & Arples alhambra knockoff is actually a very traditional design. The place of origin should be Islamic art known for its geometric elements. Repeatedly superimposing geometric patterns forms beautiful regular patterns. It is very possible that with the Crusades brought to Europe, there is no certainty here and I bet on a small fish. The Gothic period originated in France in the 12th century. Just coincided with the time of the Crusades. Prevailing in the 13th century and later in the Renaissance, the original design of the four-leaf clover of the VCA was widely used in architecture and religious decoration. Until now, the design of Clover has been integrated into Catholic and Christian cultures. It is commonly found in Catholic and Christian churches.

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van cleef and arpels necklace knockoff uk design has a special name, English quatrefoil, derived from Latin quattuor means four, folium means leaves, French lobe, Italian quadrilobo. The quatrefoil is a symbol of the four-leaf clover in heraldry, and the four-leaf clover symbol of luck is common sense. This is why this name is also called clover, and it is a symbol of luck. This design looks simple but the mountain is so bad because they do not understand the principle behind the geometric drawing, but simply copy the appearance.

Four-leaf clover is actually very simple to draw. First, make a straight line and a vertical bisector, make a circle with r as a radius, and make four circles with the radius of r’ as the radius. When r’>r, the overlap is more; r’=r is the VCA clover design; when r'<r, there is less overlap. When r’>r, in addition to the outside can remove the four-leaf clover, the inside can also take out another form of four-leaf clover.

A square is superimposed on the common four-petal flower called barbed quatrefoil.

In addition, there is a trefoil design called trefoil, different from the middle of the four-leaf clover, trefoil central is a regular triangle, trefoil part of the use, has been regarded as the church’s traditional standard design it ~ there are five cinqfoil.

The biggest problem with these cottage design lies in the between van cleef replica necklace wholesale the circles, the length, the angles are not mastered, and the four circles are not seized.

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replica van cleef alhambra earrings, buy in

Before someone asked why the design of the four-leaf clover VCA no patent, other jewelry brands also use? Because the clover itself is a classic traditional design, it is not an original design. Of course, all the details are original.

Mikimoto’s similar design

Tucao, VCA said Alhambra is a source of inspiration. But have to say, gothic church, European architecture has long been the integration of the four-leaf clover as a basic design, the door to have to worry about going so far to find, about the word Alhambra looked much better than lobe.

Alhambra, located in Granada, southern Spain, was built during the Moorish period.