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80 years of jewelry collection history 95-year-old grandmother on display antique jewelry

The name Iris Apfel, you may not unfamiliar, her 80-year-old debut, and now 95 years old to become the oldest fashion icon, she not only dressing with goods, even the jewelry collection has a hand, as early as 11 years of age by the mother’s inspiration, Apfel on the cheap cartier jewelry had a great […]

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Royal situation: more than a hundred years of heirlooms Swedish royal parity more love parity HM

Princess princesses have a few very popular parity brands fake Amulette de Cartier necklace , such as the British Princess Kate love Zara, Spain Letizia Princess love Tous, Sweden Princess Victoria love H & M, a few days before attending the Nobel ceremony, she was wearing a H & M high-set dress, with highly treasured […]

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Gift Season EliteSigner Star Set Meeting Dream Christmas

Remember last year, independent jewelry designer platform – Elitesigner Department set for your selection of Christmas gift it? The designers of the Star’s collection of different colors of jewelry for BeGifted Lovers selection, affixed to the color label Cheap Cartier Jewelry should be the Christmas scene, and Christmas tree piles of gifts echoes, put together […]

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Psychic jewelry CEO Shen Dongjun together Yang Shuo won cross-border dazzling award

Recently, in the “Bazaar Men” and organized by the psychic jewelry 2016 “commercial power of the Star” Personality Fengyun Festival Cheap Cartier Jewelry , the psychic jewelry chairman and CEO, chairman of Diamond Cinematography Shen Dongjun together popular actor Yang Shuo, won the Bazaar Men’s annual cross-border dazzling award, attracted audience attention. As the first […]

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Chen Weiting Xu Wei Zhou big boys favorite star brooch and ring necklace

Compared to actress preference gorgeous replica van cleef & arpels jewelry jewelry, the actor in the choice of jewelry accessories, more inclined to have the characteristics of eye-catching models of jewelry, such as the big brother Chen Weiting in the tour to wear the stars brooch, Xu Wei Zhou wearing ring ring necklace at the […]

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